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Flag of India

¬† Colors: Saffron, White, Green, Navy Blue Material: Khadi (Homespun cotton, silk, wool) Designer: Pingali Venkayya a.k.a: Tiranga The national flag of India was adopted in its current form on July 22, 1947 by the constituent assembly. The code regulates display and use of the Indian flag. The colors and the design of the Indian […]

Innovation, a no big deal in India

A recent article in The Economist discussed about how Mr Ostwal, an engineer from India, won the grand prize in Nokia’s mobile innovation contest at Barcelona. During his adolescent years, Mr. Santosh Ostwal often [...]

Website Review:

TreasureTrooper.comis a get paid to (GPT) website that offers people an opportunity to make money by completing various offers, answering surveys, clicking advertising links and by earning cash back for online shopping.¬[...]

Video Game Review: The Return of Monte Cristo

The count of Monte Cristo, Edmund Dante is back. He has returned to investigate the murder of his beloved, Mercedes. He is on a quest to find the killers of Mercedes and bring them to justice. The game story is based on [...]

What is NASA’s Constellation Program?

Constellation is NASA’s new program for human space exploration. As part of the Constellation program, NASA plans to develop space vehicles and booster systems which will eventually replace the Space Shuttle. The m[...]

Video Game Review: Avenue Flo

The hardworking Flo from Diner Dash is back with a bang. This time she stars in a new game Avenue Flo. She has a cheerful looks, industrious character and ever helpful nature. Fortunately, I was able to try out this game[...]

“Cash for Clunkers” – Success or Failure

“Cash for Clunkers” is a colloquial term for U.S. Government for Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS).¬† It was a unusual government program to provide incentives to U.S. residents to purchase new and more fuel[...]

Nobel Peace Prize 2009: A fumble

President Barack Obama is a good leader, but by awarding the Nobel Peach prize to him, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has disregarded the basic rules on which the Nobel peace prize is defined. The Nobel prizes should be b[...]

Why is globalization good?

Globalization is a process model by which the regional economies and societies have become integrated with each other to create a globe spanning network of exchange. Globalization can refer to manufacturing as well as se[...]

Book review: I, Robot, by Isaac Asimov

Rating: I, Robot is a first book in the series of Robot novels written by Asimov. It is a collection of short stories depicting the changes in human life with the incoming of robots. We have always wondered how the robot[...]